COVID-19 AML Resources

Helping you meet your AML Obligations

COVID-19 has changed the financial landscape and this has been a challenge for AML compliance teams who want to help keep business flowing, while still complying with AML obligations and regulations.

Here are a number of resources to help you during the COVID-19 pandemic. As always, the Alessa team at CaseWare is here to help. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. 

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COVID-19 Resources

Latest News from FinCEN
AML Guidance From FIUs During COVID-19
3 Must-Have RegTech Upgrades for AML Teams in COVID World
We asked. You answered. How COVID-19 is affecting AML compliance teams.
AML Compliance in a Post-COVID19 World: Signals to Watch
We asked. You answered. How COVID-19 is affecting AML compliance teams.
COVID-19 Fraud Scams: Tips for AML Compliance

AML Risk Mitigation

Elements of Customer Risk: Profiles and Relationships
How to Test your Sanctions and Watch List Screening Software
Elements of Customer Risk: Products & Services, Activity Patterns and Behaviors
Suspicious Activity Report: How to Track Your Investigation
Best Practices for Sanctions Screening and Watch List Filtering
Assessing AML Geographic Risk: A Methodology

Fraud Detection

Crowdfunding: A Cover for Money Laundering
How to Start Using AI to Combat Money Laundering
Banks, Law Enforcement Warn of COVID-19 Fraud Scams

Customers and AML

Raymond James Ltd Selects Alessa by CaseWare RCM for AML Capabilities
Leading Caribbean Bank: Alessa for AML Compliance
CCBTO selects Alessa by CaseWare RCM for AML Compliance
How a Retailer and Money Service Business uses Alessa for AML Compliance

We are here to help.

If your organization has been affected by COVID-19, ask us how we can help you through the crisis. To speak to a risk specialist from Alessa about AML compliance, regtech or fraud detection, please contact us today.

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