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Elements of Customer Risk: Profiles and Relationships

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In Part 1 of this webinar series, Laurie Kelly, CAMS will discuss her experience with calculating risk ratings and things that every financial institution should consider.

Attendees will learn about the objectives and fundamentals of customer risk scoring, as well as a logical way to categorize types of risks. She will then review various risk factors to consider when assessing customer risk from a demographic/profile and relationships perspective.

Finally, Laurie will explore separately individual and business/commercial customers risk factors but with a greater focus on business customers, which have more nuanced and complex risk considerations.


Elements of Customer Risk: Products & Services, Activity Patterns and Behaviors

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As a follow-up to her presentation on how customer profiles and relationships should be used for risk scoring, Laurie Kelly, CAMS, will explore how a customer's anticipated transaction activity and products/services used can impact their risk score.

She will also delve into various patterns of higher risk and red flag customer transactions and behaviors, and how these and other factors impact an evolving risk score over the life of the customer relationship.

Assessing AML Geographic Risk: A Methodology

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Foreign transaction activity is an established risk factor for money laundering. But, what makes one country "riskier" than another from a money laundering or terrorist financing perspective? Financial institutions have no definitive source for country money laundering risk.

In the final part of this webinar series on customer risk scoring, Laurie Kelly, CAMS will explore one objective methodology financial institutions may consider to assess individual countries' money laundering risk, which in turn may be used in transaction activity monitoring, customer risk scoring and the institution's high level money laundering risk assessment.



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