Alessa is a highly configurable, end-to-end financial crime, risk and compliance solution that delivers customer due diligence, sanctions screening, transaction monitoring, risk scoring, regulatory reporting, workflows and case management.

When combined with Refinitv World-Check Risk Intelligence and Thomson Reuters CLEAR ID Confirm™, customers can enjoy the benefits of identity verification and expanded screening and due diligence capabilities – all in one place.

Conduct all compliance activities on a single platform:

  • Incorporate results from identity verification into transaction monitoring, risk scoring and regulatory reporting processes 
  • Use automated workflows and case management to drive identity verification and investigations
  • Maintain an audit trail of all due diligence activities for auditors and regulators

Ease compliance with on-demand identity verification:

  • Use one application for due diligence, sanctions screening and ID verification
  • Add public and proprietary data offered by CLEAR® to existing third-party risk intelligence and enterprise data
  • Quickly verify business relationships to avoid doing business with bad actors
  • Perform identity verification based on customizable fields that fit your organization’s needs

Add identity verification scores into risk scoring:

  • Create a more comprehensive profile of your subject for better, overall risk management
  • Make more informed decisions regarding an entity due to the combined identity and risk scores
  • Continuously update risk scores with transaction monitoring and link analysis information


Alessa and World-Check:

World-Check risk intelligence expands screening and due diligence capabilities on a global scale and delivers high-quality risk intelligence that organizations everywhere put their trust in every day. World-Check delivers over 3 million continuously updated reports of heightened-risk individuals and entities worldwide.

World Check Profile with Location Map


Alessa and CLEAR ID Confirm:

Confirm identities accurately and efficiently with an entire process that can be customized to your specific needs. Scoring customization allows you to determine which data is most relevant to a specific case, so you can easily determine if your subject is who they say they are.

You’ll be fully outfitted with credit header data, utility records, OFAC lists, FEIN information, internal records and work affiliations information – comprehensive public and proprietary data you can leverage to proactively and confidently mitigate risk.


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